FBCLID 10 Outfall Channel

FBCLID 10 Outfall Channel

FBCLID 10 Outfall Channel**

Fort Bend County LID

The project consists of assessing failed slopes along the Fort Bend County LID 10 outfall channel and providing recommendations for repairs. The primary cause of slope failure was determined to be the progressive erosion of silts and sands due to turbulent and high velocity water flow which caused undermining at the toe of the slope and ultimately a rotational/sloughing type failure.

Iterative analysis was performed to back calculate the shear strength of soils along the slopes. Soil borings and laboratory test data was used to provide remedial recommendations. The remedial recommendations included reducing channel water velocities, erosion control and select fill replacement of the soil near the toe.


**Project listed is representative of Kenall Geo staff’s diversified experience from previous professional engagements. Kenall Geo staff acted as the Geotechnical Project Manager and/or Geotechnical Engineer-of-Record (EOR) on the project while they were with their previous employer.

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