Geotechnical Engineering

Successful delivery of Geotechnical Engineering projects is a collaborative effort between the Owner, project structural engineer, project civil engineer and the project geotechnical engineer. As the project geotechnical engineers, we engage with the Owner and the project team from the project onset to understand their end goals and schedule. This ongoing collaboration with the project team allows us to deliver tailormade, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Our team of experienced individuals striving to improve the safety, mobility, and reliability in the region is well respected at the local, state, and federal levels. Our areas of expertise include: the design of shallow foundations, deep foundations, retaining walls, MSE walls, soil-nail walls, soldier pile walls, dams, reservoirs and slope stability.

Pavement Engineering

Kenall Geo staff has extensive experience in the Pavement Engineering with the TxDOT, Army Corps of Engineers, Airports, municipalities and all sizes of commercial properties. Our engineers have intimate knowledge of sulfate induced heave on the pavement design process and our engineers published journal articles on the sulfate heave and its effects on infrastructure. We are experienced in performing and/or analyzing non-destructive tests such as the Falling-Weight Deflectometer (FWD), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCP). We own and operate an in-house GPR equipment that is capable of evaluating pavement layer thicknesses. We offer the following Pavement Engineering services:

  • Geotechnical Investigations – Soil borings, bag samples and laboratory testing to support pavement design and rehabilitation.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) – To support pavement design and rehabilitation.
  • Pavement Rehabilitation Plans – Design report for evaluating pavement conditions, cost and phases of construction based on traffic loads, subgrade and material properties.
  • Pavement Analysis – We are experienced with TxDOT FPS 21 software for flexible pavement design, AASHTO Darwin software for rigid pavement design, WinPAS for commercial pavements, Army Corps PCASE for heavy-duty pavements and FARFIELD for air feld pavement.

Specialty Laboratory Testing

We have an A2LA and USACE accredited geotechnical lab available at our corporate office. The lab is capable of performing basic and advanced geotechnical laboratory tests. Our advanced laboratory testing capabilities include automated triaxials, automated direct shears and automated consolidation.

Independent Quality and Constructability Reviews

Kenall Geo in collaboration with Kenall Inc., provides high-quality, independent pre-construction plan reviews. Using a multidisciplinary constructability review process, we assist in discovering errors, omissions, and uncoordinated and unconstructible conditions existing within client plans and specifications. This process will help clients receive more accurate bids, minimize change orders and RFIs during construction, and maintain on time-on budget projects that save valuable resources.

Engineer Led Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

Kenall Geo provides Engineer Led Construction Materials Testing and Inspection services that include:

  • Earthwork testing,
  • Foundation construction monitoring,
  • Pile load tests, and
  • Construction materials testing data review.